Lost-Hope: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: "The Education of a Magician"

Hosts Bubba (@FittenTrim) and Catfish (@cjgman67) recap & review the latest episode of BBC One & BBC America's seven-part mini-series adaption of Susanna Clarke's novel 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.'

Plus, there's an exclusive interview with brilliant comic book author John Reppion (@johnreppion) who's written some excellent pieces on the lore of Strange & Norrell at DailyGrail.com.

In addition, we have lots of feedback including Susan (@blackeyedlily) directing people to the Library at Hurtfew -- a great resource. BFI Channel's panel discussion youtu.be/AbJNex591VK which includes Marc Warren, aka the Man with the Thistle Down Hair.

BBC's The One Show has an interview with Eddie Marsan and Bertie Carvel at youtu.be/Ujw7EW3Lkk0

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