Season 3, Episode 8: Mermaid Gets Straightened!

In what has to be one of the 8 greatest podcasts we've ever done: We scare IGN's Matt Fowler straight from his unstraightening! Then we spend a good deal of time turning unstraightener Mermaid from evil hate to Joffrey love! Then it's time for what I like to call "Double S" (double s?) Spinoff Specials: Khalasar Confessions with Khal Drogo.

Plus, our new show: NONBORINGING THE BORING SCENES where we put Joffrey into boring scenes which don't feature Joffrey. Plus our usual WWJD? and Joffrey of the Week segments. Tweet at us: @FittenTrim @cjgman67 @cqheartsyou

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