Season 3, Episode 4: Best Death Tournament

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die? So the question becomes: of the all deaths in the first 3 seasons... who won?

On a very special long episode, Catfish & Bubba are joined by Matt Murdick @winterfellpod, @JohnMarius and Mork for a tournament to name which character had THE BEST DEATH!!! Did Ned Stark's lack of head beat his wife Catelyn's extra open throat?

How about husband & wife Robb and Talisa: which one died better? Or was there an upset from Craster, Kraznys, Viserys, Rodrick & Jory Cassel, a direwolf like Lady & Grey Wind... and lets not forget Ros. You'll have to listen the whole way thru to find out!

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