Book Bitchin': Arya Stark + Randyll Tarly: Museum Tour Guide + Daenerys meets Joffrey

With less than 2 weeks until HBO's Game of Thrones is back with Season 7, Bubba @FittenTrim and Catfish @cjgman67 are back with their PreGame Podcast countdown!

Spinoff Special: Randyll Tarly-Museum Tour Guide. A spinoff podcast featuring the favorite father in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga: Samwell Tarly's dad giving a tour of Horn Hill. Book Bitchin': Arya Stark Edition. Has the show spoiled what will happen to the wolf girl in the books? Queen Daenerys meets King Joffrey: The sexy and strong ruler meets the Dragon Queen in this possible "spoiler scene" from "Reddit"

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