Twin Peaks: What about Killer BOB? or Who's Garmonbozia Is It Anyway?

Bubba @FittenTrim and Mork @Extraordinawry go deep into the Black Lodge to learn about Killer BOB from Mark Frost & David Lynch's groundbreaking television series: TWIN PEAKS.

New iTunes review & Prize giveaway: 3:30

Twin Peaks guest 6:06

Twin Peaks Minutes 8:00
"Lonely Souls" + "Drive with a Dead Girl" + "Arbitrary Law" + "Dispute Between Brothers" + "Masked Ball" + "The Black Widow"

Real-life Encounter with TP celebrity: 1:04:18

What about Killer BOB? Or who's Garmonbozia is it anyway? 1:09:23

Feedback 1:30:32

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