Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 7: "There's a body all right"

Bubba @FittenTrim and Mork @Extraordinawry look at par 7 of Twin Peaks The Return "There's a body all right" from Mark Frost and David Lynch.

The streams are crossing: the Great Northern key which Jade dropped in the mailbox ended up in Ben Horne's hands!  The sheets of paper that Hawk found last week have been revealed to be pages from Laura Palmer's Secret Diary!  Annie Blackburn gets mentioned!  Audrey Horne gets mentioned! Diane sees Mr C who she knows is not Agent Dale Cooper!  Mr. C gets loose from prison!  DougieCoop beats up the Icepick killer! 

So much happened that you should write it in your diary to keep track.  A part so messy with plot, we have to sweep up the place for 2:10.

Can the heroes of Twin Peaks defeat the evil forces converging around the perfect small town?

Let us know your thoughts!

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