Twin Peaks: It is Okay to Not Like Fire Walk With Me

Bubba @FittenTrim and Mork @Extraordinawry examine Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me from David Lynch and talk about the film's highs as well as the film's flaws. With Lynch set to reunite with Mark Frost and unleash Twin Peaks: The Return on Showtime in one week, what do the 2 long time fans make of the 1992 movie.

10:30 - new iTunes reviews and Prize Giveaway

15:30 - Our tales of seeing FWWM in movie theatres back in 1992

22:20 - Disclaimer #1

26:24 - TP Minutes for FWWM. White Lodge & Black Lodge minutes: the best & worst :60 seconds from the movie

39:25 - Which Missing Pieces deleted scenes should have been left in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 

52:27 - Real life Twin Peaks Celebrity Encounter

58:45 - Disclaimer #2

1:02:30 - It is Okay to Not Like FWWM

1:33:55 - Feedback

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