Twin Peaks: David Lynch is Wrong, Revealing Laura's Killer was Right, Plus Twin Peak Pilot & Ep1 Review

Bubba @FittenTrim and Mork @Extraordinawry tackle all the latest Twin Peaks news while questioning David Lynch's belief that it was wrong to reveal Laura Palmer's killer.  Plus we begin our review of Twin Peaks episodes to get ready for season 3.

4:15 - R.I.P. Miguel Ferrer, Agent Albert Rosenfield

9:14 - New Showtime Season 3 trailer show Agent Dale Cooper 25 years later

12:00 - Our Twin Peaks special guest

13:30 - New iTunes reviews

18:00 - Bubba tells of his interaction with a Twin Peaks star

24:11 - Podcast essay: David Lynch was wrong: Revealing Laura Palmer's killer was an important moment that had to happen.

1:09:30 - Twin Peaks review: Best & worst minutes from the Twin Peaks pilot and first episode

1:30:30 - Listener Feedback

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