Emerald City: HateWatch: "The Beast Forever" "Prison of the Abject"

Knock Knock, Who Cares?  It's the debut of HateWatch as Bubba @FittenTrim watches 2 hours of new Oz action to see if he loves The Beast Forever or if watching the new fantasy television show is a Prison of the Abject on the Yellow Brick Road. 

This podcast is an experiment which might cause listeners hate as much as Bubba has for 'Emerald City.'  

The TV Guide episode description reads "A tornado occurs while Dorothy searches for her mother, and the storm transports Dorothy to a mystical land where a powerful ruler has outlawed magic in the series premiere of this dark, modern reimagining of "The Wizard of Oz.""Dorothy finds a soldier with amnesia and a man trying to help his best friend. Meanwhile, Glinda and West say good-bye to their fallen sister."

Toto is pissed, Tip is flipped, and Lucas is tripped up on his way to Dorothy's heart.  Will the series honor the books of L. Frank Baum and the artwork of W.W. Denslow and John R. Neill?  Not in The Wizard's beard!

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