Bubba and Mork take a hike through Ghostwood Estates and discuss David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks.

Special appearance by Special Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, Leland Palmer, the Log Lady and more!

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It isn’t hard to find a podcast discussing Twin Peaks, but after listening to a few it becomes redundant. Luckily for Peaks fans, there are some podcasts like this one that tackle the series from a different unique angle. Great knowledgable hosts. Would recommend to all Peaks fans, but be warned - there are spoilers!
— Train The Alien, Apple Podcasts

The Hosts


Fitten 'Bubba' Goldsmith


Atlanta’s own Fitten ‘Bubba’ Goldsmith created the Double P Network after 3 years as a guest on the popular Podcast Winterfell Game of Thrones podcast. Bubba is a writer and veteran improviser from Chicago’s ImprovOlympic where he was directed by the legend Del Close in Night of the Mutant Harolds.  Bubba’s first writing credit was the poorly seen and as poorly reviewed film “Cut Throat / Scared.” Bubba hopes to continue to grow his list of popular characters such as Bailiff Rusty, Grand Maester Senile Pycelle, the Vincent D’Onofrio’ed Wizard of Oz, and JubJub the silent podcaster.

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A true romantic, Mork enjoys driving Bubba crazy and stealing books from Catfish. Mork moved to Los Angeles from the great state of Minnesota, weaseled his way into the writers room of one of the world’s most beloved sitcoms and eventually became a producer on multiple films. He has played Ms. Pac Man with Lemmy, eaten meatballs with exiled Dukes and, on Thursday, was bitten by a horse. Not in that order